Chat GPT 4: How To Use, New Features, Availability, And More

Chat GPT 4: How To Use, New Features, Availability, And More

ChatGPT amazes people with its AI chatbot’s impressive natural language capabilities. However, with the long-awaited Chat GPT 4 large language model, we are shattered by what AI is capable of, and it lets us consider it as a sneak-peek of AGI (artificial general intelligence). 

OpenAI, the creator of this model, calls it their “most sophisticated system that generates more secure and practical output.” And below is everything you should know about Chat GPT-4, and how to operate it. 


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​​On March 13, Microsoft confirmed the official announcement of GPT-4, although its exact release date was previously unknown. However, currently, GPT-4 is solely accessible on ChatGPT Plus with payment required. The free version of ChatGPT still uses GPT-3.5, which is less efficient and proficient than GPT-4. 

GPT-4 now has an API, which allows developers to create applications and services. Several notable companies, such as Duolingo, Be My Eyes, Stripe, and Khan Academy, have already integrated GPT-4 into their operations. Additionally, a live streamed presentation on YouTube has provided the public with GPT-4’s stunning features.

Chat GPT 4: New features

OpenAI has developed Chat GPT 4, a language model, which can generate text that closely mimics human speech. This new tool performs an improvement over ChatGPT, which is built on technology from GPT-3.5. The term GPT refers to Generative Pre-trained Transformer, it’s a kind of deep learning technology that leverages artificial neural networks to generate human writing style. 

As per OpenAI’s claims, the new language model, GPT-4, surpasses ChatGPT in three major aspects – creativity, visual input, and longer context. With regards to creativity, OpenAI asserts that GPT-4 outperforms ChatGPT in creating and cooperating with users on innovative projects, including music production, screenplay writing, technical writing, and even picking up a user’s writing style. 

The Livestream function

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The extended context has a great contribution. Chat GPT-4 can process up to 25,000 words. Furthermore, GPT-4 can analyze and communicate with the text from a webpage via a simple web link. OpenAI ventures that this feature can assist with the creation of long written pieces and facilitate in-depth dialogues. 

Chat GPT-4 now can process images to facilitate communication. One instance of the GPT-4 website involves the chatbot receiving an image containing several baking ingredients, and the user will suggest what could be created using those ingredients. However, it’s not clear if the video can also be used in this same way. 

Finally, OpenAI declares that Chat GPT-4 is much safer to operate than its previous version. According to OpenAI’s internal assessments, it can generate up to 40% more accurate responses, and it remarkably reduces the chances of responding to requests for prohibited content by 82%. 

OpenAI reports that it has achieved significant progress thanks to human feedback, having collaborated with “more than 50 professionals to provide guidance on AI safety and security measures.” 

Since its release, users have shared incredible experiences with GPT-4, including creating new languages, outlining ways to escape reality, and designing intricate app animations from scratch. With the wave of user access, we are learning its full potential. 

Moreover, user managed to code a playable version of Pong in only a minute using a combination of HTML and JavaScript through GPT-4. 

Where is visual input in Chat GPT 4?

Visual input is one of the highly awaited functionalities in Chat GPT-4, enabling ChatGPT Plus to communicate with either text or images. Although image analysis would greatly benefit GPT-4, there has beena delay due to safety issues – OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman. 

Bing Chat has introduced the visual input function for some users. It’s an opportunity to test GPT-4 capabilities. It can experiment with MiniGPT-4, which is devised by PhD students. 

Although the image processing may be sluggish, MiniGPT-4 illustrates the possible tasks by visual input once it’s official in ChatGPT Plus’ GPT-4 function. 

What are the best GPT-4 plugins?

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The ChatGPT Plus subscription is quite worth paying, thanks to the plugins that enhance its function. Among these, the OpenAI-developed code interpreter and web browser plugins are noteworthy for their impressive capabilities. 

Using these plugins in ChatGPT Plus can significantly enhance the function of GPT-4. The ChatGPT Code Interpreter has employed Python in an enduring session, and it can handle both uploads and downloads. 

Meanwhile, the web browser plugin enables GPT-4 to acquire complete access to the internet, enabling it to surpass model limitations and procure real-time information from the internet on your behalf. 

Additional top-notch GPT-4 add-ons includes Zapier, Wolfram, and Speak, providing opportunities to explore novel avenues for AI utilization. 

How to use Chat GPT 4

To use GPT-4, you must upgrade ChatGPT Plus. Then, click “Upgrade to Plus” in the sidebar of ChatGPT to pay a $20 subscription. After that, you can easily switch between GPT-4 and previous versions of LLM. You can also get GPT-4 responses by its distinctive black logo, which differs from the older model’s green logo.

By the way, the use of GPT-4 is indistinguishable from utilizing ChatGPT Plus alongside GPT-3.5. It has more potential than ChatGPT and permits the customization of a dataset to achieve personalized outcomes that align with requirements. 

If you’re not willing to shell out money, there are alternative methods to experience the sheer capability of GPT-4. For starters, you can try it out via Microsoft’s Bing Chat, which is entirely free to use. 

Although Microsoft has stated that GPT-4 powers Bing Chat with fewer features and proprietary technology, you can still use the enhanced LLM and the advanced intelligence it provides. Keep in mind that while Bing Chat is free, it comes with constraints, such as only allowing 15 chats per session and 150 sessions daily. 

Many other software programs are currently using Chat GPT-4, including question-answering site, Quora. 


During the discussion about the enhanced abilities of Chat GPT-4, OpenAI acknowledged some drawbacks of this new language model. Despite being the latest version of GPT, OpenAI has highlighted that this model still has some issues such as, “social prejudices, unreal perceptions and malicious prompts”. 

Anyways, it’s not flawless. It is prone to incorrect answers and constraints. Nonetheless, OpenAI affirms they are tackling those problems, and in general, GPT-4 produces answers that are “less creative” and thus less inclined to fabricate information. 

Another constraint is that the Chat GPT-4 algorithm was trained solely on online data in 2021, but this issue can be bypassed with the assistance of a web browser extension. 

Chat GPT 4: This is an evolution

Although we have not yet personally tested Chat GPT-4 on ChatGPT Plus, we still expect it to be even more impressive than ChatGPT due to its success. According to reports, if you have used Bing Chat’s latest version, you may have already experienced some aspects of it. However, don’t expect it to be entirely innovative. 

In a StrictlyVC interview posted on YouTube by Connie Loizos, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman expressed that there is a high sign of disappointment among people leading up to the release of GPT-4. 

During the discussion, Altman also acknowledged that AGI (artificial general intelligence) can cause severe disruption to global economies. He suggested that implementing multiple incremental changes dramatically is preferable to a sudden breakthrough that allows little time for society to adjust. While GPT-4 is impressive, it is more of a gradual development rather than a dramatic and sudden transformation. 


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