ChatGPT vs. Bing Chat: Which AI Chatbot Should You Choose?

ChatGPT vs. Bing Chat: Which AI Chatbot Should You Choose?

I’ve been using ChatGPT since it was released by OpenAI in 2022. It has supported me in writing meta descriptions for blog posts, creating basic code snippets, and generating outlines. I’ve even used it to organize my summer vacation 

But I’ve been curious to see if Microsoft’s new Bing Chat lives up to the promise. You can communicate, produce material, make photos, and obtain summary answers to complicated inquiries all in one interface with Bing communicate. 

It’s meant to be a considerably more complex version of ChatGPT, so I’m curious how their features compare. 

Here are the key differences I observed while comparing ChatGPT to Bing AI Chat.

1. ChatGPT vs. Bing Chat at a Glance

I’ll go through some of the key differences between ChatGPT and Bing Chat in greater detail in the next parts, but here’s a brief comparison.

Bing Chat


Language model GPT-4 from OpenAI GPT-3.5 from OpenAI (ChatGPT Plus: GPT-4)
Platform Linked to Microsoft’s search engine Independent website or API; iOS app
Internet access Can do web searches and provide connections and suggestions  Users of ChatGPT Plus can use the browsing tool (provided by Bing).
Image generation DALLE can generate creative material, including images. Can generate text only
Best used as A research supporter A personal assistant
Usage limits Up to 20 talks/session and up to 200 total chats/day. ChatGPT Plus customers receive 25 GPT-4 messages every 3 hours and have unlimited talks per day. 
Pricing Free Free; 

ChatGPT Plus: $20/month

2. ChatGPT vs. Bing Chat: What are the differences?

Here are some differences between ChatGPT vs. Bing Chat

2.1. Chat

bing chat

You can chat with Bing right from the sidebar, without navigating to the Bing Chat website. The most stunning feature is that when you’re on a website with a lot of information, it contextually answers queries from that page. 

Looking for the important points from a lengthy article? Done. Do you need to grasp a complicated idea in layman’s terms? Done.

This can be rather useful if you require AI assistance while conducting information-dense online research. 

You can still get this with ChatGPT Plus— paste a link into it and ask it to summarize the information—but it isn’t smoothly integrated into the same page you’re on.

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The difference is simply determined by how you like to look for information. Bing AI, on the other hand, is hard to match for a personalized AI experience assuming you don’t’ mind completing your research in Microsoft Edge.

2.2. Insights

Bing Chat bot offers an Insights option that gives you additional information about the website you’re visiting. It displays items such as a Q&A, important points, page themes, and linked articles.

You can also obtain a fast overview of metrics about the website you’re seeing (such as domain name, hosting service, and even traffic rank) if you scroll all the way down. ChatGPT lacks this feature because it is primarily focused on text creation.

2.3. Composition

bing chat

You must be very clear in your instructions using ChatGPT; otherwise, the result will be ambiguous and unlikely to match your needs.

By providing ready-made solutions, Bing’s Composition tool directs you further toward the desired outcome. Within the text box, you may create your prompt, choose the tone you want, the type (blog post, email, etc.), and the length. That makes it feel more like an AI writing generator.

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If you’re not sure how to build prompts that will get you what you want, you may just tell ChatGPT these same things in your prompt, and it’ll do a good job.

3. Final Thought: Bing Chat vs. ChatGPT: Which One Should You Choose?

Both ChatGPT and Bing chat bot are useful writing tools and informative chatbots—which one is preferable depends on your specific use case. 

Bing Chat is your best choice if you want a sophisticated research tool that’s integrated with a web browser (and excels at in-depth page insights, image production, and quoting credible sources). 

If you want an AI-powered personal assistant that can conduct activities for you across many apps, ChatGPT is the clear winner thanks to its plugins. 

What is the greatest approach to finding out what works for you? Try both of them out.


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